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Bertschire Second Amendment RN - Pistol is a beautiful dog with lots of breed type. She has lots of bone, a lovely and classic head piece, soft expression, and dark eyes. She has a fantastic coat, great side movement, and shows much animation. She is a bit on the long side but is still balanced with nice angles and good structure. She loves to swim and retrieve and is eager to please. She has wons placements at several National Specialties with limited showing. She has been owner handled throughout her career. She gets along with everyone and has one of the best temperaments of all of our dogs. She is a fun and mischievious dog with a great sense of humor and great comic timing - she is easily the funniest dog we've ever had. She loves all puppies and is the surrogate mother to all. Pistol has a scissor bite. Click here for pedigree and here for OFA information.


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