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Flat-Coats are a wonderful breed of dog but they do have health issues which must be taken into account when considering getting a puppy or adult for you and your family. As with all large breeds, there are incidences of hip displaysia, elbow displaysia, and luxating patellas. There have also been incidences of eye disorders such as PRA, glaucoma, and cataracts. Unfortunately, cancer can be a problem in our breed. There are no cancer free lines and if a breeder or someone else tells you there are, you may want to look elsewhere for your puppy. The average life-span for a Flat-Coat is 7-9 years. Of course, some live much longer but, tragically, some are also lost to cancer at early ages. This is something to be taken into account when deciding on getting a Flat-Coat. I strive to breed healthy dogs who will live well into old age but no breeder can guarantee against cancer or guarantee a certain life expectancy. The FCRSA webpage is a good source for overall health information on our breed and I am always happy to talk to anyone about our wonderful breed of dog. Feel free to contact me anytime.

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