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Huntlane Boston Tea Party - Harbor is an outstanding girl and an exciting addition to my home. Her maternal grandmother was phenomenal and I am happy to finally have something from her. Harbor is very elegant and feminine. She has a lovely head with dark, almond-shaped eyes, a prominent prow, great front, and nice angles. Her movement is spectacular, it is light and airy with plenty of reach and drive. She could use more bone and a bit more coat. She is very easy to live with, is a great playmate for puppies, and loves being outside enjoying her world. She placed fourth in a large 9-12 month puppy class at the FCRSA National Specialty 2016. I am excited about her future. Harbor is pure for black and has a scissor bite. Click here for pedigree and here for OFA information. VGL diversity report ID: 3294-7072-8441-1095


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