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GCH Bertschire Independence RN JH WC - Freedom is a lovely dog with a classic head piece, a lovely soft expression, and deepset, dark eyes. He has a lot of bone, a fantastic topline, and carries good coat. He is a nice mover, though can be a little close behind. He is a larger dog with good structure, nice angles, and fantastic feet. Freedom loves to swim and retrieve, is very focused in the field, and has a spectacular water entry. He went 4 for 4 for his Junior Hunter and Started Hunter Retriever titles and passed his WC on the first attempt. He has had a successful career in the show ring and easily finished his championship and grand championship.  His National Specialty wins include multiple JAMs and Select Dog. He has been owner handled throughout his career. He is an easy dog to life with, loves playing with the puppies, and has a pronounced sense of humor! His offspring's accomplishments include Group Placements, Junior Hunters, Senior Hunters, and a National Specialty RWB and JAM. Freedom is pure for black, has a scissor bite, and his gonioscopy is mildly affected. Click here for pedigree and here for OFA information. VGL diversity report ID: 7636-2407-4359-4133


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