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Liberty Armistice Day - Eleven was the outstanding puppy in his litter and the pick. He was just too nice to pass up and has everything I was hoping to get from this pairing. He has wonderful bone, a level topline and nice tight feet. He is well angulated and is an efficient, clean mover. Eleven has a willingness to please and is an easygoing, laid back puppy. He is a joy around the house. Click here for pedigree. 

08/30/2015 - 05/21/2021. I lost Eleven to hemangiosarcoma - it was very sudden and very surprising. I so miss my silly boy with his grandpa's outlandish sense of humor and I miss my quiet companion, the boy who loved to just sit quietly by my side, as if it were just the two of us. His has been the hardest loss to take and I miss him every day. 


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Eleven 2 04-11-20.JPG
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