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CH FlatOut And The Rocket's Red Glare RE JH WC - Banner is a very balanced, moderate sized dog. He has a wonderful topline and tail set and carries good coat. He has a soft expression and dark eyes. He is a clean mover who finished easily. Banner is an athletic and energetic dog and currently outruns some of the youngsters in the house. He is an avid retriever who is happiest in the field. He is an excellent marker and his land work is outstanding. His trainability and his willingness to please make him a joy to live with. His National Specialty career includes placements from the Working Dog and Veteran Dog classes and he won the Southeastern FCR Fanciers Supported entry from the Working Dog class. He has been owner handled throughout his career.  Banner is pure for black, has a scissor bite, and his gonioscopy is clear. Click here for pedigree and here for OFA information.

10/04/2005 - 01/30/2018. I lost Banner to issues stemming from lack of motility in his gut. The house is much quieter without his jest and joy for life, not to mention his absolute joy and tirelessness in playing his never- ending soccer game. He is very greatly missed.


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